MHM, and our parent company, Centurion Health, are a leading national providers of healthcare services to state and local government agencies.

From mental health and long-term care to medical, dental and forensic services, our employees are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for every population they serve. Today, we serve over 300,000 individuals in hundreds of facilities across the nation. MHM provides cost savings for our clients through better practices and efficiencies, including improved recruiting, pharmacy management, and clinical operations - never by compromising care. MHM is led by a team of experienced managers and clinical directors who customize our programs and services to meet the unique needs of our clients.


About Us

MHM, and our parent company, Centurion Health, provide behavioral health and medical specialty services to governmental agencies in a wide variety of patient care settings, including correctional facilities, state hospitals, courts, juvenile facilities and community clinics.


America's prisons and jails house over 2 million persons on any given day, with 16% of individuals presenting with serious mental illness. MHM is the leading national provider of mental health services for correctional systems.

Centurion partners with state and county correctional agencies to provide high-quality care to residents within correctional facilities.

Centurion's comprehensive medical care services includes dental services in most of our programs.

MHM offers state psychiatric hospitals solutions for staffing, management, and modern clinical operating systems, including community re-entry services.

MHM offers state and local agencies solutions for behavioral health services in community settings including outpatient clinics, conditional release support programs, court clinics, work-release centers and after-school programs.

Forensic Health Services is a specialty division within MHM that focuses on providing forensic mental health services to persons with serious mental illness who are involved in the judicial system.  Our teams of forensic experts provide evaluation and treatment services for courts, forensic hospitals, and community clinics.

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