Across the nation, prison and jail populations are on the rise due to tougher criminal sentencing. Coupled with the lack of public mental health resources, the number of inmates entering the system with a serious mental illness has also risen dramatically.


1:100 adults in the U.S. is incarcerated

Of these, approximately 16% suffer from a serious mental disorder

Additionally, in 2005, 56% of state prisoners and 64% of local jail inmates reported symptoms of a mental disorder

Nearly a quarter of both state prisoners and jail inmates who had a mental health problem had served 3 or more prior incarcerations

Inmates with mental illness pose a unique challenge. MHM is not only successful in meeting this challenge, but is the leading national company for providing expert mental health and staffing management services for correctional systems.

MHM continually refines and expands services to meet the new demands facing correctional systems. We now provide community re-entry programs, caseload management, pharmaceutical/psychotropic management, and specialized mental health programming for an increasingly diverse inmate population.

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The continuity of services has been enhanced with MHM. MHM has been innovative and willing to partner with TDOC… with the mutual goal of providing quality care and cost containment.

Fred Hix
Former Assistant Commissioner
Tennessee Department of Correction